Day 2

Day 2 draws to an end. I guess I’ve still been in slight denial. I’m quite an optimistic person and it’s very easy for me to think that perhaps, we could still get back together in the future? Even though, that would be bad. It’d be bad for me!

So, step one, admitting that you have a problem.
Hi, my name is Mag and I am a serial dater and I am in love with someone who doesn’t love me.

Next on to step two. There is a greater power that will restore me to sanity.
Right now, it’s time.

I guess I’ll focus on step two for now. But in other news, I have a test run at the cupcake, wine and beer bar I’ve been wanting to work at for the longest time, next Sunday! I’m finally going to be able to bake! And for lots of people!

This is what I made this weekend:
Pumpkin Spice Bread

BEWARE. Although this recipe has so much promise, it calls for a cup of milk and it never firmed up! So, if you’re looking for a soggy quick bread… you can try this. But if I were you, I’d cut out the cup of milk. I may try this again without milk. I refuse to let one bad recipe ruin my desire for homemade pumpkin bread. Just like I refuse to let one boy ruin all of them for me.

Taking things one day at a time,


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