Waldorf before Bass

In the last episode of Gossip Girl,  Blair tells Chuck that although she loves him (and he loves her), she has to be Blair Waldorf before she can be Chuck Bass’ girlfriend.  While I believe that was a rather admirable thing to say, I also don’t believe that the love of your life will always be around waiting for you.  Whether or not, this entire “if it’s meant to be, then it’s meant to be” thing is true, I think that at one point or another you’ll have to pick between your ambitions and your relationship.  And I think that that will be the deciding moment.  If you feel like you’re willing to give up certain things in order to be with someone you love, then that’s legit.  If you feel the need to put your ambition/hobbies/whatever else (unless it’s family or friend obligations) first, then it probably means that you’re not ready to take that relationship to the next level.  The totally-committed, together-forever level.  So, it all works out.  And most importantly, if you’re ready for that commitment but the other person isn’t, it’s a sure-fire sign to get out of there.

Relationships take work.  That’s what I always tell my friend/co-worker Chris.  Yes, you need to love the other person and care about the other person.  And physical attraction is actually more important than you think it may be.  But most of all, even if you had all of those things, plus common interests, and maybe the best sex of your life, it’ll never work out if even one of the two people cannot put enough effort into it.  Sometimes, it’s because it’s just not the right time in that person’s life, they may not be ready for a committed relationship.  Or maybe they’re emotionally unavailable.  Whatever.  As the committed one, you gotta realize that it’s time to chunk deuce (as in peace out – it’s a Houston term).

And speaking of time, it’s about time for the weather to get back to normal.  People, it’s NOVEMBER and 60 degrees in NYC?  Um, can you say global warming?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the warm weather, I hate the cold.  But there’s something unsettling about the weather these days.  It’s unpredictable and most of all, I have no idea when to make the trip to the burbs and get my pea coat from my parents’ house.  And while I may be indecisive, I am not fickle.  When I make a decision, even if I may regret it, I will always stick by it.  I don’t like fickle people (cough cough, Ex-Boyfriend).  But when it comes down to it, I guess you gotta live in the moment.  Enjoy the fact that it’s warm and you can wear a skirt to work WITHOUT PANTYHOSE! (WOO!).

Chunking deuce,



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