New York in December

New York in December is amazing.  But it’s not amazing for the reasons you may think.  It’s not because of the tree in Rockefeller or the ice rink in Bryant Park.  In fact, that stuff makes me depressed.  Well, maybe they wouldn’t if I hadn’t of visited the tree with Ex-Boyfriend last year and gone ice skating with him… BUT, point is, it’s amazing because of the energy.  I mean, the energy is always crazy in New York but in the winter, it has such a positive vibe to it.  Spirits are high not simply because of the holidays but also because everyone’s going on vacation, there’s a new year around the corner, which means new beginnings!  Every year, we tell ourselves that this year, we’ll make a change.  This year will be different.

Ex-boyfriend decided that he would “dominate” 2010.  Truthfully, I don’t think he did.  Sadly, he hasn’t changed that much since college.  Honestly, I’m not sure if I did either but I would say that I’ve done a lot better for myself since him.  It’s almost like life is reminding me that I don’t need a man to be happy.  Since the break up, I’ve gotten into the top law schools of the country, been promoted, booked a flight to Grand Cayman, taught a professional baseball player how to line dance, quit my job, and planned a trip to Europe.

And you know what, it’s better to be single and happy than to be in a miserable relationship.  My friend is in her early 30s and is single.  She was in a 9 year relationship from college through law school and realized at one point that he wasn’t right for her.  While many women would have said to themselves, well I’ve already invested this much time… but my girl is not like that.  She is such a strong person and one of the reasons why I decided that I could go into law.  Point is, many of her friends have now been married for 5 or 6 years and they are either ready to get a divorce or just plain miserable.  Why?  They all got married before 25.  Get this: the human brain doesn’t stop developing until 24.  They say it takes even longer for men.  Figures.  How can you know who your soulmate is when you don’t even know your soul?  (I got that from the book mentioned below).

You may think that you’ll be happier in a relationship, but your happiness is not dependent on your relationship status.  Happiness is happiness, with or without someone else.

Though truth be told, I miss him.  The holidays really remind me of him.  Sigh.  But, as previously stated, a new year is just around the corner!  And I’ll be in EUROPE!!!

Happy holidays!



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