Poppin’ bottles in the ice – like a BLIZZARD

NYC has been crippled by a blizzard.  Yes people, this city that is usually so well-prepared and efficient could not get its act together to prep or clean up after Sunday’s snow storm (which by the way totally sucked because it was the day AFTER Christmas).

I mean people, look at this:

Oh and on top of that, our fridge decided to break.  So we were using our balcony as a fridge/freezer.  Worked pretty well actually… Mag and Holly doing it old school.  Like this: 

Anyway, back to the original point, I went to work the next day (one of like 3 people who actually showed up) and was shocked to see that Times Square, that’s TIMES SQUARE, wasn’t even cleaned up.  Hello?  Where am I?  The dirty South?  New York does not get crippled by snow.  It does not get crippled by bomb threats, bad broadway shows that are way too expensive (please see Spider Man costs), or the massive development of hipsters.  And please realize that I am not complaining.  I am simply pointing out that NYC is still covered in snow because it chooses to.  Because for Pete’s sake, it’s the holidays.  No one wants to be out there shoveling snow.  The bad weather was just a great excuse for New Yorkers (as well as those from CT and Jersey) to just chill for a little.  It was an excuse.

Truth be told, we are capable of whatever we choose, if we put our mind to it.  Of course, this doesn’t always work on other people (for example, if you work really hard at a relationship, there’s still no guarantee of a positive outcome because it requires a second party’s commitment as well) BUT, you can always start with yourself.  You have to want it in order to make any progress, let alone achieve your goal.

We, here at chez Mag and Holly, are all about goals.  And there’s no better time than now to start.  You can cope, you just gotta wanna.  2 days until the New Year people.  Start thinking about those goals!  In one day, we’ll be poppin’ the 12 bottles of champagne in our (NEW!) fridge.  And then maybe we’ll have room for some food…

See you in 2011!



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