YAngst-free Year

Happy 2011 everyone!  Holly and I have decided that on top of staying classy, we are going to make this a yangnst-free year (read: angst-free … sorry we have this speech impediment – specifically, Holly’s lateral tongue thrust (it’s a real thing) and Mag’s retainer…) although it definitely did not start out that way.

Not gonna lie, one drunk text exchange with Ex-Boyfriend, wishing him a “Happy New neyera” led my great evening to end with me sitting in the hallway of our apartment sobbing at 5 AM.  The text I received?  “Same to you sweetie.  Sorry we’re not celebrating together.  Miss you”  YO. That is MISLEADING.  But only because I was reading into it. hardcore.  5 minutes later, Holly came to the rescue and talked me out of my misery and saved me from drowning in my pool of tears and despair.

The next day, we decided that it’ll be an (y)angst-free year.  And even though we started off the year with issues with class and a stressful work schedule, we’ve realized that shit happens.  Being yangst-free is a result of how you view the situation.  As our friend L always says, “put it in perspective”.  So we’re gonna do just that.  And I’m gonna do it first.

I am stressed because my body has been freaking out – I can’t sleep, I have freakin’ hot flashes, I keep on gaining weight, I’m tired all the time… the list goes on.  On top of that, I’m quitting my job in 19 days (but going to trial, moving offices, and transitioning my cases all before then), going to Grand Cayman, Europe, and then China and then starting law school.  I have a jam packed schedule.  Too much moving around ahhh!

BUT, this is how I should look at it:

1. I’m stressed, that’s why I can’t sleep.  But I’m freakin’ going to the Caribbean in 19 days!  I will be stress-free shortly.  And then I can exercise and not gorge myself on chocolate at the office…

2. I’m going to the freakin’ Caribbean!  Nothing to stress about.  Going to Europe?  A freakin’ mazing!  And China – it’s going to be a delicious trip!

3. I’m gonna love law school.  And meeting new people!  And using my brain again!  YEAH!

So in conclusion ladies and gentlemen of the court, it WILL be a yangst-free year.


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  1. LAH

    Dearest Mag,

    You’re in the Caribbean right now and I hope you’re having such a fab time! I sincerely hope it helps 2011 to begin in the most non-angsty of ways. Call me when you’re back in the city, and we can bake + gab + sip something bubbly.


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