International Women’s Day

March 8th is International Women’s Day and while Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and First Lady Michelle Obama both spoke on International Women’s Day, there really isn’t much buzz about it in the States. In other countries, however, it’s a recognized holiday. Take China for example. Yes, it’s a communist country that is known for its tight control on its media but guess what, women get the day off in China for International Women’s Day. One of my besties was teaching in Vietnam last year and said that for the most part, people recognized it as a real day. She got flowers and everything. Other places in the world where International Women’s Day is an official holiday: Afghanistan, Armenia, Russia, Ukraine, Mongolia, Cuba, Georgia…

See anything in common with the countries that actually celebrate IWD? Yeah, ironically, women in these places don’t have nearly as much freedom or rights as we do in the States. Can it be that we’re taking our privileges for granted? I will be the first one to say that I am not a feminist. I have nothing against feminists but I don’t believe that men and women are equal. I mean, just biologically, we’re different and we’re built to perform different tasks. It’s more of a general rule but there are plenty of exceptions. Are there women who would rather work than have a family? Yes. Are there women who SUCK at cooking? Absolutely (no comments here on Holly’s lack of kitchen skills, although her couscous is quite good as are her grilled cheeses). And are there women stronger than some men? Hells to the yeah. My friend who is studying law at UPenn works out with the weight lifting team and can most definitely kick her husband’s @$$ anytime.

So why am I making such a big stink about IWD? Well, mostly I just wanted to make y’all aware of it. And also, as a sufferer of one of those terrible PMS-y days, I wanted to thank all of my girl friends. I’ve often said, oh I don’t have a lot of female friends, I mainly hang with guys but the truth is, while I do have a lot of male friends, my relationship with them will never be like my relationship with my chicas. I have the most wonderful and capable female friends in the world. They are determined, self-aware, kind, and just great people. They’re go getters. Whether it’s dolphin training, being a lawyer, a writer, or an FBI agent, my girls know what they want. On top of that, they are super supportive and have always been there for me. I am truly blessed to have them in my life.

I think IWD is a good day to reflect upon all this and also to remind yourself of all your capabilities and most importantly, how we’re lucky that we have the opportunity to use our skills to pursue our passions. Because, it’s not like that everywhere.

Here’s another Sex and the City moment for you (although it’s from Sex and the City 2, a terrible movie to whichHolly can attest):


In the words of the great Spice Girls,

Girl power!



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  1. LAH

    your girlfriends are lucky to have YOU! Love you slortchie.


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