When it Rains

I looked at the forecast for the rest of the week… rain. Rain for the rest of the week? Well, at least now I have a good excuse to sit on my butt all day. I mean, I can’t run outside when it’s raining! Right? RIGHT? Right.

Anyway, I went into town today to plan my upcoming trip to Venice (!) with my friend Cami. I also decided that I’d give myself a break and have a tart, the French version of pie because, you see, it’s Pi Day! 3.14 = 3/14 = March 14th. I know, I’m a huge dork but Pi Day is totally awesome! It’s also Einstein’s birthday. What a coincidence! So I got this delicious raspberry tart. Yes, I know it’s Lent but you gotta be practical. I’m in Europe for Pete’s sake. And today is an official Nerd holiday. Look it up on xkcd, the ultimate nerd website.

But yeah, this tart pie. Raspberry goodness. I went to two different stores before I saw it. I knew I what I wanted. None of the other stores were selling raspberry, but this place was. They put it in a nice little box.

It looked amazing.

And it was tart and sweet. And surprisingly juicy as I soon found out when I noticed raspberry sauce dripping down my fingers.

So. Good.

Back to the rain. There’s this song that I like by the Eli Young Band. It’s called… get ready for it… “When it Rains”. The chorus goes like this:

When it rains, I don’t mind being lonely, I cry right along with the rain.

When it rains, I don’t pretend to be happy, I don’t even have to try.

When it rains, some people get down, sportin’ a frown so I fit right in…

Well, I’m usually pretty happy when it rains. I mean, it sucks because it means my jeans are gonna get wet and it gets too icky to go outside. But, as corny as this sounds, there’s something cleansing about the rain. Especially in France when everyone’s dog/child is pissing and pooping on the street. I also noticed that even in my small town in France, there’s traffic when it rains. I understand why there’s traffic in NYC when it rains and most of all, why there aren’t ANY cabs. But really? This town is pretty tiny. My bus into town was held up in traffic and it was barely misting. Regardless, I think life slows down when it rains. It’s nice. It gives one a chance to breath. You know you can’t really rush because chances are, you’ll get wet/slip (which also means getting wet…). My favorite thing to do when it rains? Put something in the oven and snuggle with a good book. Bonus if sharing the covers with a loved one. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be doing that tomorrow. Well, just the book part. I’m afraid to bake anything here because the flour is so different from the flour in the States. But since I’ve decided to relearn European history, it’ll be me and my “European History for Dummies” in bed. Oh yeahhhh.

Now go eat some pi(e)!



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