Why I miss New York

I love traveling. It’s awesome. I meet new people (like that gorgeous French model on the train to Geneva), experience new things (singing Communist songs with my coworkers to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party in China), and of course, eating great food (cheese and chocolate.period.). However, with exactly one month to go until I return to the US of A for good, I find myself becoming increasingly homesick as opposed to taking advantage of the remaining time I have abroad. I know that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I know I should be learning, living, experiencing. I know that stuff just like I know that walking into a Junior’s is committing diet-suicide via Strawberry Cheesecake. But knowing and actually acting on that knowledge are two different things. I’m trying right now, I really am. But honestly, after reading this piece in the Village Voice, how can I not miss New York?

In my last post, I welcomed summer. I think that regardless of where you are, summer is great. Although, I WISH I were in New York to greet the summer. Out of the 33 reasons listed in the Village article, I agree with… all of them. New York in the summer is relaxing, wild, hot as hell on a crowded subway platform and amazingly comfortable in your favorite restaurant. It’s the best time for bad decisions because it’s almost like, summer is an excuse for… whatever. “Oh, yeah I slept with that guy last summer but you know, it was the summer”. Yes, yes. Completely understandable.

Also, rooftop bars. The ice cream truck. FLIP FLOPS! And lots of ice cold beer. As my girlfriend from Houston would say, WANT!

Yes, I’ve got one month left abroad and I promise dear parents that I will make the most of this last month. I will soak up the culture! I will try it all! And then I will go back to my beautiful Empire State and hit up the Hamptons with ECB and catch up on all the dreadful rom-coms I’ve been missing with my girls.

Missing you,



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