Shana Tova – another chance

Thursday was Rosh Hashanah and being the good non-Jew, aspiring-Jew that I am, I went to services with my roommate and friend Wednesday night. As per usual, I tried to take the sermon to heart but became quickly sidetracked as we started downing drinks and Indian food at a BYOB restaurant for our Rosh Hashanah feast. I wonder, in hindsight, how is it possible that we are given so many opportunities to begin anew and continuously waste them year after year, time after time?

Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year. That’ll make 3 new years I’ve celebrated this year – New Year (January 1st), Chinese New Year, and Rosh Hashanah. These holidays are starting to remind of the Monday Dieter. You know, the person who binges during the week and then proclaims that their diet starts on Monday? Why is it so hard to actually take ourselves seriously? Is it because there’s nothing or no one holding us accountable?

So far, I haven’t done anything differently. Since Thursday I have:

  • Ordered 6 lbs of chocolate chips
  • Spent almost every night with Israeli guy aka Mr. Right Now
  • Gotten obnoxiously drunk
  • Spilt wine on my laptop, subsequently breaking it

That’s just dandy, isn’t it? I think that we’ve all gotten extremely good at not holding ourselves accountable for our own actions. My dad has always said, it’s easy to control someone else, what’s difficult is controlling yourself. It’s a twisted statement but there’s so much truth to it. It’s because saying something (don’t eat that!) is so much easier than doing something (I’m going to put the cookie down).

I once read somewhere that sometimes, the key to accomplishing a goal is to not talk about it. When you talk about it, you start to feel accomplished too soon. When your friends and family (and even strangers) are like, wow, that’s so cool that you’re running every day, you get that ego boost and then don’t actually strive as hard (or at all) to accomplish it. Because, why put in the effort if people already think you’re awesome?

I’m gonna try something for the next two weeks. I’m not going to talk about how I’m trying to eat healthy, go to sleep earlier, drink less and be more productive. I’m just going to do it. I’m holding myself accountable. Well, the entire internet is too but that’s just a technicality. Anyone else willing to give it a shot?

Shana Tova friends, let’s make this one count.


BYOB Indian Restaurant (Panna II)


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