The suits

Last weekend I watched an acquaintance’s  apartment while she was at work so she could finally get internet and cable installed. Her living quarters are what one might call… SUPER EFFING AWESOME OMG I WANT IT!

Sorry for that spasmtic bit of enthusiasm there. Essentially, her apartment was gorgeous. It had a full kitchen with a huge oven, fully stocked pantry (with my favorite chips!), a huge balcony overlooking the Hudson River and very well stocked liquor cabinet. The good news is that on top of all of that I got paid. And was able to spend some quality time with the Israeli Guy (although he showed up in… dare I say it? jorts. Yeah, what?).

The bad news? While I was enjoying myself, stuffing my face with cheese and crackers, sipping on some nice sauvignon blanc and gazing at the Hudson, I spilled wine on my laptop. Just fyi, that’s how my last laptop died. However, after letting it dry for a week, it’s good as new (I think) so no worries!

But, moving on to the substantive content. I did an amazing amount of travel that week. And by travel I mean, leaving the Village which is something I rarely do. Ever. Riding the subway during work hours served as a reminder of my old life and my future life. I watched the Suits get on the subway, I watched them get off the subway. I watched their eyes glaze over the other Suits, crinkle at non-Suits, and sometimes, open and close in exhaustion. I eyed the cute 20-somethings with interest while pitying the graying 40-somethings. All the while, I asked myself – Do I really want to go back to this?

I am truly happiest when I’m cooking although that is not to say that I don’t enjoy law school. I love being surrounded by so many smart people and being able to interact with them. The readings are stimulating. The opportunities are amazing. The work… sucks. And the future work will probably suck as well. Am I suffering a quarter-life crisis? I must say it’s not just me. Most of my friends at school seem to ask themselves on a daily basis, “Why am I doing this?”. So, why are we doing this?

I’m afraid the answer seems to be that we can make a lot of money in the future. Being a lawyer is prestigious. I don’t know what else to do! Are any of these good answers?

The girl I housesat for just graduated from Yale Law School. She gave me an extra set of keys to her place. You know why? She says she’s never there, she’s always at work so she wants someone to enjoy it since she can’t. Is that going to be me in three years?

Struggle. I wonder what Audrey would do in this situation. Would she soldier on knowing that not everything is easy and that hard work (and certainly work we don’t want to do) is necessary sometimes? Or would she say, go to culinary school in Paris. Open up a Bed and Breakfast.

I’m not quite sure but I know one thing for certain – she would definitely stop whining about it.


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