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Happy First Snow!

It’s officially Winter. I’ve got pearls on, I busted out the peacoat, oh and there’s a crap ton of snow outside!

I love the snow. I don’t like shoveling it and I sure as hell don’t like how it delays my train but it’s so beautiful. It’s just a white blanket that covers the city and makes it clean and pure for a little… until it all turns to yucky muck. But I think it’s best to focus on that short amount of time when thing’s are great.

And I apply that same concept to how I approach life. Why focus on the terrible things? Right now, I have about 80 pages to read before Monday and a memo due by 5 PM tomorrow. There are no trains running from the burbs to the city so I’m missing about 4 parties and Israeli guy and I just ended things due to being in “different places in our lives”. But it’s also my daddy’s birthday! And I just made a delicious apple cake (recipe to come later)! And I have the best family ever. So at the end of the day, I win.

Now go play in the snow New York!


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