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Andddd we’re back

Hello New York, Mag is back!

After taking a 3 month hiatus from writing, we are back in business. The past few months have brought quite a good amount of changes. While Holly moved out of our lovely apartment in the city, I have moved back into the city after my travels abroad. And although I will miss the smell of freshly made baguettes in France and the sound of the ever-constant construction in Beijing, it is good to be in the city again.

They say that all good things must come to an end but (from a legal standpoint), that doesn’t necessarily imply that the next thing coming has to be bad. It’s just going to be different. Do I wish I were still traveling abroad instead of briefing cases on negligence at midnight? Yes. Do I feel a little sad when I’m walking home from the law library, carrying 3 casebooks under my arm while enviously observing slightly overage women and random hipster or banker boys frolicking in front of my apartment? Yes. But do I regret moving on to this new chapter in my life? Absolutely not.

Your journey in life is almost like exploring a gigantic mansion. There’s this great scene in Little Women┬áby Louisa May Alcott, where the 4 sisters are reminded by their mother of Pilgrim’s passage, a game they would play when they were little. They would explore throughout the house, encountering all kinds of dilemmas but when they finally reached the roof, they would shed their burdens. We go into every room in this big house of life to explore, to learn, to experience new things and then we leave the room because there are so many other rooms to explore, so many new things to discover and most of all, we need to keep on moving up, up, and up until we reach the tip top of the house.

xo from NYC,


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